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This Week In Heresy

This Week In Heresy is no longer doing new episodes, but please enjoy our archive of interviews!

Dec 19, 2014

Guy S. Johnson joins us this week to talk about the intersections of ministry, race, gender, and why it’s important to specifically discuss why #blacklivesmatter. What do we do with a system that is broken on so many levels? How do we talk about saving the lives of people of color without addressing poverty, food scarcity, the education system, and the criminal justice system? Guy and I delve into the depths of why #blacklivesmatter is about more than what we are told it is in the media.


Guy S. Johnson is a singer, an activist, a writer, a foodie, and most importantly, a minister. A graduate of the Lancaster Theological Seminary and Dominican University, he can best be described as “real”. His love of God and God’s people is without question. Guy believes that strangers are simply “friends he has yet to meet.” He LOVES people.

He shares his life with his partner, Robert Davis, in Leesburg, Virginia, and serves as the Pastoral Associate at the Grace United Church of Christ in Frederick, MD, where Dr. Robert Agpar-Taylor is his pastor. He is a partner, a brother, an uncle, and most importantly, a friend of God.



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