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This Week In Heresy

This Week In Heresy is no longer doing new episodes, but please enjoy our archive of interviews!

Feb 12, 2015

In this bonus TWIH episode, we welcome Sister Krissy Fiction, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence from Portland, OR. We talk about what it takes to be a Sister, what the sisters do, and how Sister Krissy Fiction came to be. We also delve into gender non-conformance, theology, and how the pagan community is evolving. 

This is second in a series of interviews that coincide with Pantheacon.

Sister Krissy Fiction, the nun that got nailed, is a Gnostic, Pagan, drag clown nun.  In the past she has been a minister in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church and in the United Church of Christ.   These days she is a practicing Gnostic, a devotee of Antinous and a member of an Alexandrian Witchcraft coven. She has been  a fully professed member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for 8 years and is the Prioress of the Order of Benevolent Bliss in Portland, OR.



Sister Krissy’s Facebook


Twitter: @sisterkrissy


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