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This Week In Heresy

This Week In Heresy is no longer doing new episodes, but please enjoy our archive of interviews!

Feb 13, 2015

In this third episode that coincides with Pantheacon, we talk to P. Sufenas Virius Lupus about the evolution of gender in regards to Deity. Do the Gods really care about their, and our, gender? Can we create new deities that are inclusive and that work for us? How have we evolved in our thinking around gender? How does pagan isolationism contribute to issues of gender and inclusion? We also talk about how sharing and listening to the stories of people can put a human face onto the “other.” (And there’s some Buffy spoilers for the uninitiated.)

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus is a metagender person, and the founding member, Doctor, Sacerdos, Magistratum, and Mystagogos of the Ekklesía Antínoou (a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist religious group dedicated to Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and other related gods and divine figures), a contributing member of Neos Alexandria, and a Celtic Reconstructionist in the traditions of filidecht and gentlidecht, amongst other spiritual pursuits.  Lupus’ work (poetry, essays, and fiction) has been published in many of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina devotional volumes, and in the anthologies Datura and Mandragora edited by Ruby Sara, When the Lion Roars edited by Galina Krasskova, Etched Offerings edited by Inanna Gabriel and C. Bryan Brown, Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul edited by Tara Miller, Bringing Race to the Table edited by Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood and Brandy Williams, and the periodicals Witches & Pagans, Abraxas, Circle Magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, Walking the Worlds, and Air n-Aithesc...and, there's always more on the way!  E has also published a book of poems, The Phillupic Hymns (2008), and the book-length poem All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power:  A TransMythology (2012), and also several other monographs:  The Syncretisms of Antinous (2010); Devotio Antinoo:  The Doctor's Notes, Volume 1 (2011); A Garland for Polydeukion (2012); A Serpent Path Primer (2012); and Ephesia Grammata:  Ancient History and Modern Practice (2014). Lupus used to write the "Queer I Stand" column at's Pagan Channel, and currently writes the "Speaking of Syncretism" column at  




Lupus’ blog: Aedicula Antinoi:  A Small Shrine of Antinous (Which includes a link to eirs books):  

Lupus’ Email:

Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism