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This Week In Heresy

This Week In Heresy is no longer doing new episodes, but please enjoy our archive of interviews!

Feb 15, 2016

Heathenry is going through a difficult stage in it’s evolution, especially lately. In this episode, we talk to Alf Herigstad founder of the Hawk’s Hearth Kindred, about his tradition of heathenry and the various issues that are important in heathenry today. What is heathenry? Why is there racism in heathenry? What are people doing about it? What does Heathen lore say about difference, and how does racism go against the edict of hospitality? Alf also talks about doing prison ministry, being on a Norwegian reality TV show, and his tradition’s use of animal sacrifice.


Note: This episode talks about animal sacrifice and farm life.



Alf Herigstad grew up in Washington State where he and his wife still reside on a small farm.  He is a veteran of the Army, a former owner of several construction businesses, as well as a former long haul trucker and real estate agent.  His employment list is long and varied because, as he says...he likes to learn new things.  


Raised as a Christian Alf at one time had an ambition to become an evangelical preacher and was very active in his local church.  After life took several turns he found himself disillusioned with that path.  Being descended from Norwegian immigrants he turned to one of his life-long interest; that of researching his heritage...that led to his discovery of Asatru


 Alf first became interested in Asatru around 2005, he began attending a Kindred local to him.  He took to it immediately and after intense study eventually attained a position in the kindred.  He was ordained / appointed as a Gothi in 2008.  Then, in 2011 founded a new Kindred; Hawk's Hearth, which currently consists of about 30 members.


Alf is the host of a new podcast; Being A Better Man.  A secular program devoted specifically to the character of men.  The idea is to be a better man today then we were yesterday...then do that every day.  Although the program is secular in nature, his opinions are strongly influenced by his heathen philosophy and in that way he is infusing his listeners with a healthy dose of Heathen principles...which he says is basically just common sense. 




Hawk’s Hearth:  (website still being added to and updated)

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