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This Week In Heresy

This Week In Heresy is no longer doing new episodes, but please enjoy our archive of interviews!

Mar 20, 2015

This week we’re joined by Diane Miles, who is a Bishop in the Old (Independent) Catholic Church. Diane describes what the Old Catholic church is and how it compares to the Roman Catholic Church and Gnosticism. We also talk about power, change, hope, and how religions need to evolve in order to make it into the future.

Diane Miles is a Bishop of the Old Catholic Church, a Reiki Master, a registered nurse, and interfaith chaplain, and a medium. Diane works out of Berkeley with a partner through the Church of Holy Sophia in Practice. She is available for Celtic Catholic services and Sufi practice. 



Email: or (preferred)



On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer